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What the crisis is

If I should answer the question “Which are the causes of this economical crisis?”, I’d make it really simple, with an example. In these days 4 young women died in southern Italy while working in a factory hidden in a basement. Their jobs were under the table, no rights, no holidays, just 5 euros per hour. 5 EURO PER HOUR.
In the same time another woman, definitely luckier, Lorenza Lei, general manager of RAI, asked for a pay raise. She wanted 730.000 euros per year instead of the 420.000 she earned before, but she obtained only 650.000.
That would be more or less 350 EURO PER HOUR, assuming she works five days a week with some weeks of holidays.
No doubt the mrs Lei has a job of great responsibility, she is absolutely skilled, maybe she has great friends too, bla bla bla. But all the way her pay as a public employee is seventy time bigger than the wage of those poor mums.
That’s the crisis, in my humble opinion and it is moral before than economical.