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The bald and the beautiful

She’s really beautiful, nobody can deny that. And problably she’s quite smart, too, if she’s been chosen among thousands of pretty girls. He will be the king of Great Bretain, and that’s still a good job, althoug a little depreciated in the last years.
They got married, all the world watched their wedding, but… For all the envious people all of the country, and I’m referring particularly to men, there is a little satisfaction: the prince is going a little bald. He’s still quite handsome, although for now he has just a slightly receding hairline, but, come on, he’s non perfect.

No problem, anyway: in Italy some very important people would be glad to suggest him how to solve that problem, and maybe how to get taller too, and maybe how to get always away with legal processes…On no, please, prince, stay bald but honest, your people would like you more (and not only them)

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