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The american cubbyhole

I’ve been thinking on the fact the my blog is not enough international.
I mean, it is not international at all: I like to write about me, my life, my town, and I have to admit that is a little limitate view. And, I write everything in Italian. Now I’ve decided to write something in english, from time to time, and since I can’t write property in english, I think it will be fun.
I could start with a reflection on the american militar bases in Italy. Dear american friends, we like you very much, we like your technology, your movies and a lot of your songs. We like less your missiles, but we can tolerate them, because we’re friends, you helped us against the fascists, and so on. But remember that your are guests. Beloved guests, but guest: we can’t bear a guest lording in our house.
Imagine to invite somebody at your home, he decides to stay, and after a couple of days he asks you to use your car, and then your computer, and then he asks your wife out. Enough is enough, don’t you think? We already have a lot of your missiles in Vicenza: now would you mind please not to consider Italy your cubbyhole and keep some of your stuff in USA? Thank you.
See you on the next English article (I dont’know when, it is such a tiring job to write in your language…)