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They call it Formula One, I call it circus

Once upon a time there were the circus, moving from town to town, with its shows, its clowns, its funny moments and dangerous ones.
Today there is the Formula One, the tumblers still wear awkward costumes, but they drive cars instead of walking on a rope, the clowns dont’t use bycicles with one wheel anymore, they judge. Stop you!, you can go, you can use good tyres, you should but we won’t tell you because it’s fun watching you car slipping down the road.
This year they decided Hamilton has to win, no matter what rules say. Who cares the rules? It’s a circus, people must laugh. If the Hamilton’s team steal information from competitors making him go faster, he is not guilty: he has to win. If his teammate run faster, than he must be punished someway: Hamilton has to win. If some other driver complain against his way to drive, because Hamilton is unfair and disloyal, than the judge punish who complained: Hamiltron has to win.
There are hundreds of camera taping how good is Hamilton, but only a video on Youtube made by some amateur shows what strange idea of honesty has this young guy.
Well done, Hamilton, you’re going to win the chaimpionship: you’re the king of the circus. But we prefer the old lions. They were nicer, and less wild.

Disqualifying competitors

What would have been the French elections result if – just imagining – Sarkozy were disqualified and 8 milions votes for Royal were canceled? What would be the Formula One Championship if Ferrari were disqualified and Mclaren run with half fuel tank empty?
Weird, isn’it? Or, just exaggerating, let imagine a world where there is no Windows nor Apple, but only Linux (I know, that would be better, but this is not the point).
Well, this is exactly what happened in the Italian Soccer Championship: thr Juventus disqualified, the Milan penalized, guess who won? Ok, it’s the Inter season, let Inter supporters live their moment of joy and success.
We’re all envious, and you know why? Because eveyone has somebody or something we’d like to disqualified, some competitors, some enemies maybe be. But only Inter has the power to do it. Or… had it (Bye bye Telecom?)