Why Berlusconi won

Berlusconi? Again? Ok, he’s got a new wig, but he’s still him?
I can imagine there’ some confusion abroad when people try to understand what’s going on in Italy, so I’ll do my best to explain what I think. So, why Berlusconi won?
There are a lot of reasons, and I’m not a political expert. I just want to mention three of the Silvio best friends.

  1. Walzer Veltroni. He didn’t want to be  premier, he just wanted to be the first lady, side by side with Silvio. He decided who could stay in the Parliament (Radicals, IDV) and who couldn’t (Left Parties, Socialists) on the grounds of the parties’ logos appeal. When Prodi was still the first minister, he started a campaign against the allied, to reach his main objective, dancing with Silvio. He has talked about his recovery for months. Now we know that he’s going to win the elections: in the 2020. He has not organized a Democratic Party: he organized a Democratic Funeral
  2. Beppe "Fuck’em all" Grillo. He’s a great comedian and a good analyst: but probably when he said to his fans not to vote, he did’nt aspect such a succes (22% of spoiled ballot papers, 3% of drop among the voters). The funny thing is that his fans are in great part progressive people, so if now there is not even a deputy who takes care of envoironment problems or struggling the precariousness of jobs, maybe Beppe has only to blaim himself.
  3. (In)Fausto Bertinotti. He spent great part of the last twenty years as guest in an Italian tv show called "Porta a porta". They should retire the armchair he occupied for so many years: the studio wont’be the same without (In)Fausto. He deserved his armchair with his name on it, like the Chcago Bulls t-shirt of Michael Jordan or the number ten of Maradona. Poor (In)Fausto had so many work to do with microphones and cameras, that he forgot to see what’s was going on in the country. For the firts time in Italian history, the former President of the Chamber is not elected in the Chamber. But his supporters are fighting to find him a new tv show.

So, my dear friends, friendship is very important in Italy. If you have the right friends, you win.