Thank God we have a Bad Religion

bad_religionThere are musicians you like for their songwriting. there are others you prefer for their lyrics. You can love the way a band perform during a live show, or you can appreciate their political o cultural view, how they explain their ideas and their commitment in a interview. If you’re a lucky guy, all these features can be combined in only one artist: I am that lucky, because my favorite rock band are Bad Religion, and I love their music, I love their lyrics, I like their political commitment and  I love…(well, I dont’love Greg Graffin, not in a literal way, ehm… I don’t go so far) and I like Greg Graffin and his search for the Truth trough science and naturalism, although I am a catholic believer. In my humble opinion Bad Religion are simply the best rock band ever, an finally I can say I love their live performances too, since I was present to their concert wednesday  the 19th june 2013 in Bologna.

For those who care, this was their set list, but actually I’m not sure of it (to tell the true I copied and pasted that from here) because I was completely taken from their breathless sound. There were almost no pause in the traditional punk rock and hardcore style, no need for long speech since their songs are enough to tell their thoughts, only people happy to live one our and a half with a great band and the emotions they can raise.

Past Is Dead
We’re Only Gonna Die
New Dark Ages
True North
I Want to Conquer the World
21st Century (Digital Boy)
!@#$%^&* You
Sinister Rouge
Dharma and the Bomb
Recipe for Hate
Nothing to Dismay
Do What You Want
No Direction
Beyond Electric Dreams
Come Join Us
Changing Tide
Against the Grain
No Control
American Jesus
!@#$%^&* Armageddon… This Is Hell
Dept. of False Hope –

Of course this is not a review, I not able to judge how the played (come on, they did it greatly, no doubt about it!) , if their set list was proper (well, actually I waited for Punk Rock Song and I was quite disappointed thet didn’t played it….), if the organization was  good or not. This is not what this post is about; this post is just a thanks to what Bad Religion are, the music they played and the emotions I feel every time I put one of their cd on.
If there were a secular, good religion, Greg Graffin would be its prophet.

For those who still don’t know Bad Religion; you’re really lucky, because you got the opportunity to discover what the rock is and how deep it can affect your life. Go find some Bad Religion record, now!